CockShun – Chaney Root


Jamaican Chaney Root  AKA Cocolmeca, Smilax Balbisiana

Guyanese CockShun – Smilax schomburgkiana 


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What is CockShun? It is a Vine that is found in South America that has been used by men in the area to prevent and cure Impotence, Premature-Ejaculation and to raise sexual Libido. You get the same benefits from CockShun as you do from Viagra without any negative side effects.  Only detail is you must be taking the tea for at least 24-72 hours. 1-3 tea-cups a day will keep you Strong all around. It is also a Natural Pain Killer.


Preparation (How to Use): Boiling the root and drinking on a regular basis will surly cure your dysfunction without the side effects. 14 cup of bark to 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil and drink as tea. You can add water and re-boil the bark 5-7 times or more until it gives out no more Color. It starts Dark Red and goes to light pink when you keep boiling it. After a few times it gets soft and you can use knife to strip it up and reveal the insides so keep extracting all the beneficial juices from the bark.

Smilax schomburgkiana Kunth SMILACACEAE Cockshun
Vernacular names:
Cockshun, Dorokwaro plimpla (Cr), Dorokwaro yuruwan1 (Ar), Sipyatamu (C), Kaihido2 (Wr).

Botanical description: Woody climber, with tendrils arising from the petioles. Young branches terete or angular, coarsely rough by minute black prickles, older branches with hooked spines 2 mm long, stem base with straight spines to 1 cm long, reddish with a black tip, grouped in pairs. Leaves alternate, simple, palmately veined; leaf sheaths basally winged, ca. 6 mm long, wings to 2 mm long, bearing 2 tendrils; petiole ca. 10 mm long; blades stiff, papery, on sterile branches narrowly ovate, ca.
18 x 8 cm, on fertile branches narrowly elliptic, ca. 7 x 1.5 cm, apex acute, base obtuse or cordate. 

Inflorescence axillary, umbellate; peduncle ca. 1.5 cm long, ending in a thickened receptacle ca. 2mm in diam. Flowers actinomorphic, 6-merous, unisexual, plants dioecious, fertile branches shortened, 5-25 cm long, often arranged in panicles. Male flowers: tepals ca. 2 x 1 cm, nearly equal; stamens 6, ca. 1 mm long. Female flowers: tepals ca. 15 x 7 mm; ovary superior, 3-locular, styles 3.

Fruit a berry, orange-red, ca. 8 mm in diam.; seeds 1-2, yellow with a black spot.
Distribution and ecology: Venezuela, the Guianas, and Northern Brazil, in secondary vegetation. In northwest Guyana, frequent in secondary forest, riverbank forest and abandoned fields. Fruits were seen in July, and October-January. Seeds are dispersed by birds and bats (van Roosmalen, 1985).

Use: The peculiarly shaped, yellowish brown tuber of this liana can weigh up to half a pound. The tuber is cleaned, the cortex is scraped off, the remaining tissue is chopped into pieces and boiled for an hour. The tea is said to have aphrodisiac properties. 

These aphrodisiacs, popular among coastlanders, and (Amerindian) pork-knockers, are said to protect against diseases and enhance sexual activities. Boiling a whole cockshun tuber with a 5 cm long piece of buruburu root (Solanum stramoniifolium) makes a remedy for severe back pain. The tea must be drunk during one day; the following day the back pain will be gone.


The Creole word ‘cockshun’ is likely to stem from ‘coction’. 

We usually add Cloves, Cinnamon (Spice Sticks) along with Bay Leaves to give it a good taste.
You can add a bit of milk and sugar to the tea to make it really Delicious.

We also Deliver in Guyana at Discounted prices – Call +592.673.6868 to place an Order.

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