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Mimosa Hostilis Rootbark Imported From Brazil


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Mimosa Hostilis – MHRB Bark

Shipped from Wisconsin, USA.

Mimosa Hostilis Root bark Imported From Brazil.

Presentation: Chipped-Up Bark or POWDER (NOW AVAILABLE)

“Is Mimosa Hostilis legal in the United States?”

The answer I found was yes it is legal as long as it is not intended for human consumption. MHRB is used in a large number of things. Some example of its uses are as follows Jean Shorts Dyed with Mimosa Hostilis

Dyes – Mimosa Hostilis is used it make a very beautiful deep purple color because it contains a large amount of tannin. See the shorts on the right.
Natural Treatment of Skin Wounds – The inner root bark is believed to have antibiotic and pain reliving qualities. Although not backed by the FDA it was used in South America for hundreds of years.

Although MHRB is legal it has a possibility of being abused just like canned dusters. So say you went into the electronics store every day and bought 200 bottles of compressed air dusters. They would probably start to get suspicious after awhile. It is generally the same way with Mimosa Hostilis.

Another thing to consider is what form it comes in. The consensus is that if you order root bark from outside the country it should not be ground but the whole inner root bark. If you need ground MHRB for your purposes though you should order from a domestic source so it doesn’t have to pass through customs.

The other primary consideration is how much are you going to order? Most sources I have read say that you should always order less than 5kg at a time or someone might think you are distributing something illegal. You do not want the DEA knocking on your door for making dyed jeans.

The legal status of Mimosa hostilis in some major countries of the world is as follows:

  • United States; Here, Mimosa hostilis is not a controlled plant but DMT is under schedule I substance and hence, illegal. Though there is no news of an arrest for dealing in Mimosa hostilis, it is not commonly available here.
  • United Kingdom; The plant is not illegal, but DMT and powdered bark are banned. However, shredded products are available.
  • Australia; All plants including Mimosa hostilis that contain DMT are illegal. Even the Mimosa extraction and powdered bark are in the banned list. However, the seeds of Mimosa hostilis and the plant itself are freely available everywhere.
  • France; Mimosa hostilis and all plants containing DMT are illegal.
  • Germany; The plant Mimosa hostilis is not illegal and is available everywhere. Extracting DMT from Mimosa hostilis is, however, illegal.
  • Netherlands; The plant is freely available, but the extraction of DMT is banned.
  • Canada; Only the extraction of Mimosa hostilis is illegal. The plant itself is available for sale and purchase.

We now Proudly Offer MIMOSA HOSTILIS – MHRB – (ROOT BARK) with HASSLE FREE – CUSTOMS APPROVED – Drop-Shipment Services within the USA & SPAIN.

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