Clay Pot Health Benefits

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February 4, 2020 by Life in Vedas
Clay Pot Cooking Health Benefits

Clay Pot Cooking – The clay is a human life protector and it is so powerful that it can cure almost all the disease of the body. Clay Pot is a doctor in your home.

Goddess Earth you are the base of all and also the seed of all. You are the most potent who fulfill the wishes of all. Kindly do all the favors for me.”

What are Clay and Clay Pot Cooking
 The universe is macrocosm and human is a microcosm. The whole universe is made up of five elements water, air, fire, sky, and clay or earth.

These five elements required to be in balance otherwise chaos occur in the universe. If the water becomes more the life becomes miserable on the earth.

The same condition is with the rest of the four elements. The universe is macrocosm and human is a microcosm.

The same situation is with the human being. Human is also made up of the same five elements water, air, fire, sky, and clay or earth.

 If any of the elements becomes more or less than its exact ratio the associated diseases start to occur in the body.

To make the balance in the five elements human being required living with nature and according to nature.

 In the ancient times, human beings lived with nature and also in nature (huts and caves) and therefore they were healthier than the human being today.

All the five elements are rich with the elements what the human body needs to survive. In this text, the main emphasis is on the earth element or the clay.

 Origin of Clay Pot Cooking
Today people use different kinds of pots made up of plastic, glasses, silver, brass, etc., which lacks earth element the most essential part to survive for the body on the earth.

This is the main reason why people today are lethargic, sick, dull and short lived. The human body needs proper balance in the five elements.

Disturbance in any of the elements makes the body sick and it is difficult for the medical expert to diagnose the disease and exact cause of the disease.

So, it is required to go back and follow the tips and tricks what our ancestors were using in the past days. In ancient time, the most commonly used pots were clay pots to store water and other food items.

 Clay pot cooking benefits: Clay is very auspicious as well as very scientific
How Clay Pots are Scientific
When a person dies and cremated, the person transformed into 20 grams of clay. Once, this clay was tested in a laboratory and found that the clay consists of eighteen micro nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and sulfur, etc., and these are the micro nutrients which are essential to live and survive on the earth.

In fact, our physical body is made up of clay, needs clay to grow and survive and ultimately transformed into the clay.

Rest of the chemical what we use throughout life due to the use of plastics are dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, cadmium, etc., are harmful to the body.

Not only plastics but aluminum, silver, steel also are not as good as the clay.

Before 30 to 35 years in India, all the people cooked food and stored food items in the clay pots and there were no such kinds of diseases like diabetes, arthritis, joints pain, etc.

Moreover, if you cook food in a clay pot the food remains as it is for a long time too. There is no loss of any micro nutrients until 24 hours or more.

 Clay Pots Preserve Micronutrients of a Food Item
Clay pot preserves micro nutrients of the food after the cooking. For example, if you cook Pigeon pea (Hindi: Arhar ki Dal) in a clay pot then the Pigeon pea remain as it is with full of 100% micro nutrients.
There is no loss of any micro nutrient while if you cook it in a pressure cooker then only 13% micro nutrients remain left in the Pigeon pea. Rest of the 87% micro nutrients destroy due to the pressure in the pressure cooker.
The most important feature of the clay is to consume all the negativity from the food items stored in the pot and releases positivity to heal the food item.
The smell which comes from the clay pots is exactly a guess which is full of rich micronutrients essential for the human body.
The earth is rich with huge nutrients and rich chemicals which are capable to give the huge kinds of natural products and food items.
The clay is a human life protector and is so powerful that it can cure almost all the disease of the body such as:

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 Clay Pots For Drinking Water Benefits & Side Effects
Clay Pot Cooking Alkaline in nature
The clay pot is alkaline in nature. Clay interacts with the acidity of the water and gives the proper PH balance. Therefore, it is very useful to drink the water kept in the clay pot.

 Clay Pots Keep Water Cool
Clay pots due to its mechanism keep the water cool and also give healing impact on the body. Keep the clay pot in the windows or the place which is good for air ventilation.

It helps the clay pot to cool the water throughout the day. This is the unique property of the clay pot. No other kind of pot has this property.

 Clay Pot Cooking Preserve Nutrients
Clay pots preserve nutrients value of the water and also make it more effective to drink.

 Clay Pots are made up of Natural Material
The clay pot is made up of natural material and does not contain any harmful chemical.

Clay Pots comprises off micronutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and sulfur, etc.

Other pots release a harmful chemical in the water and act as a slow poison for the human body.

 Clay Pots are Pious
Clay Pot is considered pious due to its rich value hence; in all the temples all the “Prasad” is kept in the clay pot and also distributed among the devotees with the clay pots.

 Clay Pot Cooking is Environmental Friendly
The clay pot is environmentally friendly. If cared clay pots last quite a long time and when it is broken there is no harm for the environment due to its biodegradability property.

 Clay Pots have Flavored and Nutritious Water
If you drink clay pot water you enjoy soothing and healing due to its soothing flavor. It calms your thirst while if you consume fridge water the water make you ill and also not satisfy you.

 Gentle Temperature of the Clay Pots Water
Consuming fridge water makes you sick due to sudden temperature change during the summer time.

While consuming clay pot water is gentle due to its temperature and it gives you healing impact without a negative influence on you.

 Clay Pots Water Improve Metabolism
Water is good for health. It detoxicates your body fast. If you consume so much water of the fridge or the water which is kept in the plastic container it harms you and makes you sick.

Clay Pot Cooking
Why is Clay Pot cooking better?
Clay Pots are Porous that Preserved Nutrients
Clay Pots are Porous naturally that preserves all the nutrients of the food item.

Due to this feature heat and moisture circulate in the clay pots evenly while cooking the food in the clay pots.

Clay pots take longer time in heating than other kinds of pots. It retains the nutrients in the food for a long time too.

The research was done in a Laboratory
A study was conducted in a laboratory in Delhi in which the same kind of lentil was cooked in two different pots one was cooked in the clay pot and another in the aluminum pressure cooker.

When both the lentils were compared after the cooking it is found that only 13% micronutrients remained present in the pressure cooker lentils while in the clay pot 100% micronutrients were present as it is which were initially in the raw lentil.

Clay Pot Cooking retains heat for a longer time
Food cooked in the clay pots remains warm for a much longer period than the other kinds of pots.

Clay pots give you flavorful food
Food cooked in the clay pots is not only more nutritious but also flavored and tastier.

Milk in the Clay Pots
Boil milk in the clay pots to enhance its nutritional value and flavor. Such milk is more tasty and healthy for you.

Side Effects of Clay Pot Cooking 
There is no side effect of clay pot if you clean them properly and store properly.

Source: https://www.lifeinvedas.com/clay-pots-for-drinking-water-benefits-side-effects/

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