Coffee is Poison to your body

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Today I want to share with you how much this simple addiction Negatively affects our lives!

I have gathered for you some incredibly valuable research from renowned scientists that shed more light on coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine, theobromine (it is actually more than just in beverages but also in all those chocolate bars, candies, ice creams, etc ), and an element that appears during the roasting process of coffee beans called caffeol.

Why Do We Act Like Addicts?

According to multiple scientists, all these drinks (coffee, black tea, green tea, soft drinks, etc.) are highly poisonous. They are so strong that we get addicted to them just like we would get addicted to many hard drugs.

Caffeine and caffeol practically attack all of our inner organs, especially the nervous system, and disturb cerebral circulation.

Ph D. Linsley from the Benaroya Research Institute describes our stomach as the “abdominal brain” on which depends the work of all the digestive organs and their connection to our brains. Our cells have been programmed by nature to function on their own speed which is slow, steady and smooth, just like an efficient clock. Theobromine prematurely depletes vital energy reserves and leaves the entire central nervous system completely exhausted, causing us to reach for another cup of coffee for the next artificial energy spike. In this way, we are creating a rollercoaster for our nervous system just as heavy drugs would do.

The Reason We Develop Chronic Diseases

John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. says that our inner organs can not metabolize caffeine, theobromine, and uric acid. Scientist Vincent Edward Smith proved that these poisons create degenerative processes in the kidneys, which get blocked, and in the liver, which can’t neutralize these toxins. From here, all other organs and tissues start to collapse. The stomach though, due to high toxicity, falls into catarrhal conditions such as gastritis and duodenitis, as well as other inflammatory processes like heartburns and indigestions.

Now, just try to imagine how those drinks affect kids’ health, especially the biggest culprits of them all —Soft Drinks!

Dr. Rusby from New York College also states that caffeine causes both acute and chronic conditions of all internal organs, notably the brain. This poison completely upsets the cardiovascular system, increases bloodpressure, causes fatigue, depression, neurasthenia, insomnia, arrhythmia, and hypoglycemia, and also stealsenergy from our body systems.

That is to say: our bodies are not programmed by nature to dissolve and neutralize these poisons. They just keep gradually and continually accumulating. 

By the way, the headaches experienced when we try to quit drinking coffee are a symptom of toxin withdrawal.

Did you also know that 95% of the roasted coffee in the world is dead and stale? This is according to Hartocollis.

After coffee seeds have been roasted (which involves 1500 chemical reactions), they lose their vitality and can be stored for no longer than a week. Because your coffee packages were stored for who knows how long before being shipped, then shipping time itself, even storing it in your fridge or using it immediately is too late.  It generally doesn’t matter what type of coffee you are drinking or what country it came from, or what process you use to brew it, if it’s not freshly picked, roasted and consumed within days, it’s probably moldy and stale.

Would you like a freshly brewed mold? No, Fruppomoldichino, please!

Now, we have to add to all the above, the sacrifice of all the good gut bacteria that we work so hard to breed in a healthy environment.

Every single day the majority of the masses consume this cocktail of poisonous and harmful toxins. These poisons keep building up with all the other poor quality choices that have become so mainstream and “normal”. Those occasional fries, the pre-made veggie patties, the protein bars with soy isolate and the undigestable blends of various kinds of sugars and oils. The list goes on and on, and furthermore, we add to it the use of unhealthy cleaning products, detergents, tap water, and/or the inappropriate use of medications, etc. All these may have harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that cumulatively can have a significant negative impact on our health.

When making the plunge and removing coffee from your daily life, there are some “crutches” we can use to ease the withdrawls and related uncomfortable symptoms.  Green tea and in particular, raw cocoa beans (the least harmful addictive sources of beverages) are popular substitutions and have some beneficial elements, but they are still considered stimulants and should be consumed in moderation.  These drinks are what I switched to when I was quitting my coffee addiction, but they just weren’t the same because they had their own different tastes and aromas, and I did not feel like they were capable of substituting my coffee at that point.

So, How Do You Transition Without Headaches?

1.   Start by lowering the amount of coffee you take per day. For instance, I reduced my intake from two cups to just one daily. This one is the most difficult step to achieve, but quite essential.

2.   After a week, every second day replace your cup of coffee with organic swiss water decaffeinated coffee. If that is too early for you, you can mix half regular coffee with half decaf.

3.   After performing step #2 for two consecutive weeks, combine half of coffee — preferably decaf — with chicory root tea (roasted dandelion family plant which acts as a liver cleanser). Keep gradually reducing the ratio of coffee.

After performing these three transitional steps for at least a month (depending on your caffeine dependency), your cravings will be satisfied with the chicory drink on its own, or if you are lucky, any kind of coffee-like smells and tastes will be turning you away, or what we call a clean-body natural defense.

Clearly, since you read all the way here, I know that at least your subconscious mind desires to toss out this harmful and massively overused beverage. And that’s already a step forward towards a cleaner, safer, healthier life where we are conquerors of our habits!

Remember, the quality of our blood depends on what we eat, what we drink, what air we breathe, what we think, and what environment we live in.

I have a challenge for you: go and apply these tips to your life. And don’t forget to help a friend while you are at it by sharing this post.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am on the path to be a Ph D. in Natural Health Science, I do not practice, and therefore I cannot provide diagnoses and treatments. My advice does not replace that of your physician, and please read my full terms of service for details.

Source: https://www.holisticcode.com/blog/shocking-secret-coffee

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