Guarantee & Warranty

The assortment of our store’s products are guaranteed for 18 Months from the date of purchase, subject to normal usage conditions and adherence to the instructions for use recommended by the manufacturer. A Customer may return a Product  providing that: the product has not been subjected to shock, immersion, etc. the problem has not been caused by inappropriate handling or failure to maintain the product in a dry place and at optimal temperature; or the product has not been modified in any way from its original condition.

What products are provided with the warranty?

All Products Purchased at 
We guarantee the highest quality of the products purchased at our store. Our sales managers keep record of all the orders you place. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you can turn to our warranty service and they will settle the issue.

Products without Damage to Original Packaging
All products bought at our store are delivered to you in the original packing. Please save it till the end of warranty period because if you decide to return the item for some reason, it should have the original packing that is not damaged in any way.

Undamaged Products
If the products are not damaged in some or other way, they qualify for warranty. So, please, try not to drop, submerge them into liquids, tear or disassemble them. Just turn to our warranty service managers for help and they will answer all your questions as to the return and repair policy.

Where to apply for warranty service?
All requests can be to

In what cases the warranty is not provided?
Damages from wear and tear
Please note that our guarantee does not cover product damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear of the product you have purchased from our store.

Not branded items
This warranty does not apply to any items not branded by our company even if packaged or sold with our original products. Such kind of products may have the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Expired warranty period
The warranty begins on the date of purchase on the purchase receipt. In case the purchase receipt is not provided, the warranty period is considered to have started 6 months after the date of manufacturing on the product or as derived from the serial number of the product.

Natural disaster
Natural disaster is a force the seller can’t prevent. So, when the product has failed from the natural disaster, the store is not obliged to refund or repair it.

Change and Returns
If you are not satisfied with your purchase on arrival, you have fifteen (15) days starting from the delivery date to return or exchange the article. Send us an email at with your Order # and we will provide you with a return address. The customer must pay postage for sending back the goods. If a monetary refund is in order it would be within 3-5 working days after the product is approved and back in stock.

By placing an order, the customer is responsible for ensuring that these products are legal in their own country.