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Capadula is an ancient and popular Natural aphrodisiac with many physical benefits.

What is Capadulla? Capadulla is a plant that is found in South America that has been used by men in the area to prevent and cure Impotence, Premature-Ejaculation and to raise sexual Libido. You get the same benefits from Capadulla as you do from Viagra without any negative side effects.  Only detail is you must be taking the tea for at least 24-72 hours. 1-3 tea-cups a day will keep you Strong all around. It is also a Natural Pain Killer.

Preparation (How to Use): Boiling the root and drinking on a regular basis will surly cure your dysfunction without the side effects. 1\4 cup of bark to 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil and drink as tea. You can add water and re-boil the bark 5-7 times or more until it gives out no more Color. It starts Dark Red and goes to light pink when you keep boiling it. After a few times it gets soft and you can use knife to strip it up and reveal the insides so keep extracting all the beneficial juices from the bark.
  • It is also a natural pain killer. Especially Back Pain.
  • It is also a natural Stimulant and gives energy and so no need to drink, Coffee or Black tea for that Caffeine rush.
  • You can drink Capadulla alone or combined with the long list of other Medicinal Vines & Barks.
  • Capadulla is really a Vine although we call it bark.

Medicinal Vines List that can be mixed with Capadulla: Locust Bark, Cooper Bark, Panty Borer, Devil Doer, Granny BackBone, Monkey Ladder, Sarsaparilla Root, CockShun, and more.

We usually add Cinnamon Clove, Nutmeg and even Bay Leaves to give it a good taste because the barks, naturally give a Barky taste. The spices enhances the Natural Flavor and if you add some sweetener, the taste is much better, and lastly if you add some type of Milk or Creamer the taste becomes Extraordinarily Tasteful and Blissful.

– Doliocarpus dentatus (Aublet) Standley
– Tetracera spp.
– Pinzona sp.

COMMON NAMES: Capadula, Kabuduli, Kapadula, Sah-kah-ti-to, Liane Rouge.
PATTERN: Dolicarpus dentatus flowers throughout the dry season, from December to April.
PARTS USED: Whole plant – leaves, stem, root, bark, sap

USES: Whole plant: Decoction for venereal disease. Mixed, for a tonic, with Philodendron fragrantissimum, Strychnos sp., Smilax schomburgkiana, Clusia grandiflora and Bauhinia scala-simiae.

Stem and Bark: Used to make an aphrodisiac tea, or used to make an infusion when chopped and soaked in wine.

Leaf: Used to disinfect the umbilical cord of newborn babies in Guyana.

Sap of the stem: Used to relieve stricture or as a thirst quencher. Sap is also used as an abortive, for coughs and colds, and to treat snakebites.

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Monkey Ladder

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Rose of the Mountain

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    It’s very fresh the best, I look forward to keep buying from wholesale roots. 💙 thanks for your service.

  2. Rodney B. (verified owner)

    Works great for what I need to stay heathy.

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